Fridays on the Fly: The Pure Line

Friday instant: pure line

  I dare to bet. A large number of fishermen walk on the bridge or on the high path on the mountain. Looking at the water in the distance, I want to know, did anyone once fishing? I often follow: There must be some big fools there, and the answer is really cool. One summer, I stood on the edge of the cliff and looked down at such a place: the North Prate River in the Fremont Canyon Wyoming.

  I know that upstream fishing is very good, but I want to find out whether it is better and no one can reach it. My friend Doug Heggart and I fishing that morning. We used the Tenkara pole to set up a big catfish and enjoyed an unusually windless day. Then, Doug knew another main enthusiasm of my, climbing, and brought me to the canyon. I stared at the pure wall, and my eyes walked back and forth between the potential rock climbing line and the pool below. There must be some big fools there, right?

  A year later, I recruited another friend Steve Conrad and returned to Fremont Canyon and helped me answer the question. Like me, Steve is a flying fishing climber. Usually, my flying gear is very simple: the tenkara rod, line and flight of the telescope. I threw the scroll and other things behind, turned this Japanese flying fishing method, and discovered and introduced it to the United States in 2009. However, in order to fish Fermont Canyon, we also need to climb ropes, as well as a large number of hardware, seat belts, and shoes … Perhaps because my other activities are so dense, I will fly fishing simple.

  In the June issue of our sister publication "Heiving Outdoors", more information about the Corolo Flight Fishing Adventure!